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Denied entry in Punta Cana

I had been to Punta Cana 2 separate times. However on this 3rd time I was denied entry. I still have no idea why I was denied. No explanation was given. I was just sent right back to the United States

Very good days,
We suggest that you expand your case to us through our institutional email.

[email protected]

Thanks. I have sent the email.

At your command!

I have sent an email, but so far nobody has gotten back to me. Please advise.

Good morning dear user!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

We share our institutional email by which you can communicate: [email protected]

At Immigration, it is a pleasure to assist you!

PS: This message was received during non-working hours. (7:19pm)

That is the email address I sent my message to. I just have not heard anything back. I just would like to know the exact reason why I was denied entry, so that I can try to resolve the issue and travel back to the country.

We cannot share this type of information over the Internet. They are personal.