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Immigration sent a complaint to the Public Ministry about alleged rape committed by a woman of Haitian nationality detained inAILA pretending to travel with a minor with a false visa

24th September

Santo Domingo. - The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) reported that a woman from
Haitian nationality detained at the International Airport of the Americas, Dr. José
Francisco Peña Gómez (AILA), intended to travel to Nicaragua with a child under four years old
of age with a false visa.
The Haitian citizen identified as Stephy Graph, who was traveling to
Nicaragua, would have reported that his rights were violated by a member of the
immigration institution, serving at AILA, which is why your complaint was sent today
through official letter number DJ-1737-2023, from the Legal Directorate, to the Public Ministry in
Santo Domingo Este, to begin the corresponding investigations.
Haitian citizen Stephy Graph was detained while trying to travel from the
Dominican Republic to Nicaragua with a minor, who was carrying a passport
with a visa that, when purged in the system of the General Directorate of Immigration, turned out
be false.
Graph, had reported that while she was detained at the airport, she was raped
sexually, so, by instructions of the general director of the institution, it is
proceeding to make the complaint available to the Public Ministry "so that they, as
those in charge of the investigation, clarify the facts".
The institution reiterated its commitment to the rule of law and institutions, and
warned that it will not tolerate actions contrary to the law or humiliation against any user of
Immigration services that transit through the country's terminals.
Stephy Graph was also sent to the Public Ministry to be investigated about the false visa
and suspicion of human trafficking, since there is a difference in surnames between her and the minor.
The infant is being handed over to the National Council for Children and Adolescents
(CONANI), for the corresponding legal purposes.