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From the General Directorate of Immigration, we report a security incident
cyber that resulted in unauthorized exposure of data. These situations, which
have increased globally and are increasingly common in institutions
state attacks - carried out by international groups of cybercriminals - lead us to
work diligently with authorities to determine the extent of the breach and
to firmly commit to adopting measures to mitigate the impact and protect the
privacy of those affected.

Specific points of the incident:

• On September 14 we detected unusual activity in one of our systems and
We notify the National Cybersecurity Center.

• A data breach has been confirmed that may include names, addresses and dates of birth; However, the institution's operations and data encryption are not
have been compromised.

• Since detection, we have collaborated with the National Cybersecurity Center to implement remedial measures, strengthen controls and monitor possible
anomalous activities.

We reiterate our commitment to being transparent and keeping the community informed.

about any relevant developments in relation to this incident.


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