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The General Directorate of Immigration (DGM) clarifies that the incident between a police officer and immigration personnel was clarified at the time of arrest and he was immediately released and identified as such.

After being released, Sergeant Onesis Solís Contreras, 29 years old, tried to attack the immigration agents and proceeded to insult them to insult the operation carried out under the protection of Law 285-04.

Despite his insults to the immigration agents, they ignored him and the sergeant continued to slap the DGM personnel, who at no time mistreated or physically attacked him.

The immigration agents called their superior to explain what happened and to announce the reaction of Solis Contreras, who was released after he showed his documents as a Dominican and a member of the Police.

The behavior of this agent is striking, because the National Police is one of the institutions that provides the greatest support to the General Directorate of Immigration.

The director of Immigration, Venancio Alcántara, reiterated that the interdiction operations are carried out in compliance with law 28504, with respect for human rights and the physical
integrity of citizens.

By: Communications Department