82nd Anniversary of the General Directorate of Migration

14 April, 2021
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The General Directorate of Migration was created by Law No. 95 of April 14, 1939 as the body responsible for the implementation of migration control policies and the permanence of foreigners in the Dominican Republic, attached to the Ministry of the Interior and Police, with a new General Migration Law No. 285-04 dated August 15, 2004 and its Application Regulation No. 631-11, dated October 19, 2011.

Commemorating the 82 years since the creation of the General Directorate of Migration , we are at the forefront of the new times, equipped with systematized controls, efficient and effective services, complying with current immigration regulations.

We implement responsible, safe, orderly, innovative, constructive and firm policies in the ethical rigor of institutional performance, guaranteeing faithful compliance with immigration law throughout the national territory.



Managing Director