Should the birth certificate for a minor’s permit be recent?

The year does not imply, it should only have the new legalization format (bar code).

If the father or mother has the custody and custody of the child and travels with it. Do you need to make the minor’s permit?

Yes, you need to make the trip authorization. It must have the power of the Court of Children and Adolescents where it mentions that the travel authorization so that the attorney can make the travel authorization effective in the DGM. In the event that you travel with the attorney, you must also do the process by the DGM. In the event that the power granted by the court does not mention travel authorization, both parents must authorize. (See Requirements)

Where is the child permit payment made?

Payment for the travel authorization of a minor’s permit must be made at the General Migration Office with all the documentation required for it.

In which parts of the country can the minor’s permit be requested?

The minor’s permit can be requested at:

1. General Directorate of Migration, Headquarters.

2. General Directorate of Migration, Santiago Headquarters.

3. General Directorate of Migration, Mega Centro Office, Santo Domingo Este.

In case of emergencies and presenting all the documentation required for this, in:

1. All the airports of the Dominican Republic.

How long is the medical exam valid?

The medical examination of a first-time application and / or renewal of residence is valid for one (1) year, from the date it was made

How long are the foreign documents valid for the temporary residence application?

The documents submitted by a foreigner for the Temporary Residence application are valid for one (1) year, with the exception of the birth certificate (does not expire).

What is the time at which stay is paid?

The stay payment must be paid when the foreigner leaves the Dominican Republic. If paid beforehand at the General Directorate of Migration, the person will have a period of thirty (30) days to leave the country.

Where do you apply for Multiple Business (NM1), Residency (RS), Work (VTT) and Student (E) visas?

Visas for a process in the General Directorate of Migration must be requested through the Dominican Consulate in the country of origin of the foreigner or closest to it in the event that if the country does not present a Dominican consulate. Only the VTT visa can be requested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic.

Can a foreign person with an expired passport leave the country?

Yes, as long as they return to their country of origin.

Should the flight number and airline be specified in the power of attorney for a minor’s trip?

No, it is not necessary. The minor’s permit granted by the General Directorate of Migration is valid for thirty (30) days.

Does a Dominican minor, residing abroad, with two years without leaving the country of origin, need a minor’s permit?

Yes, you need to do the travel authorization.

A minor with double citizenship traveling with one of the parents, should he do the permit?

Yes, and only if, you need to make the travel authorization if the child is traveling for the first time. If you have traveled, you do not need to do the permit as long as you return to your country where you are naturalized.

How many days in advance can the residency renewal process begin?

The process for the Renewal of a Temporary or Permanent Residence can be initiated up to forty-five (45) days before the expiration date of the card or card.

Can a foreigner prove economic solvency for the residency application process?

No, for the temporary residence application the foreigner must have a guarantor with the economic solvency and documentation required (see requirements). It can be Dominican or foreign with current residence.

Can a foreigner with a Dominican residence serve as guarantor for another foreigner in the residency application process?

Yes, as long as the foreigner has Permanent Residence and presents the required documentation (see requirements).

Can you renew Dominican visas in the country?

No, for the renewal of Dominican visas, the foreigner must carry it out at the Dominican Consulate in their country of origin or the nearest one, in case there is not one in their country.

What is the estimated time for the response of a residence deposit for the first time?

By depositing the file in DGM for the Temporary Residence Application, the applicant may verify the status of this, from three (3) months.

Can a Dominican leave the country with his expired foreign residence card?

No, the Dominican must contact the consulate and / or embassy of the country of residence for its renewal.

What are the documents required to request a certificate of migratory movements?

For the application of the certificate of migratory movements you need:

1. Photocopy of the passport page where the data is

2. Photocopy of each of the entry and exit stamps.