About us

«The General Directorate of Migration of the Dominican Republic, is the governmental body called to exercise the legal safeguard of the sovereignty of our territory through immigration control, compliance with the rules regarding the entry and exit of Dominican and foreign citizens, as well as the registration and regularization of the permanence in the national territory of those persons who meet the corresponding legal conditions according to the nature of their admission in the light of the law. »



Manage and control the migratory flow and permanence of foreigners in the Dominican territory, helping to safeguard national security and sovereignty.


To be a modern institution at the forefront of technology, with efficient services in accordance with immigration policies, equipped with highly qualified personnel for the exercise of their functions, always attached to respect, laws, ethics and morals.


  • Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration
  • Loyalty
  • Justice


Reduce the entry and exit of illegals in Dominican territory to improve the image of the country before other nations. Control and regularize the stay of foreigners who meet the established immigration requirements, in order that they are under legal status in the country.


The General Directorate of Migration is a State institution that provides social and institutional services necessary for the management of the control of migratory flows and the permanence of foreigners in the Dominican territory. We seek continuous improvement that helps us contribute to the safeguarding of national security and sovereignty.

We seek the satisfaction of user needs in an efficient, efficient and effective way; comply with current regulations and improve the quality management system by strengthening the skills of human talent, good management of public resources and administrative modernization.