13 July, 2021
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The director general of Migration, Enrique García, headed a commission made up of Javier Niño, director for America of the European External Action Service of the European Union (EU); Gianluca Grippa, EU ambassador to the country and representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), who toured the border with Haiti in the interest of observing the work that the Dominican government carries out in that area.

The tour covered the border provinces of Pedernales, Independencia, Elías Piña and Dajabón, where the immigration control posts are located and where a very active border trade is carried out.

The Director of Migration explained to the EU ambassadors, IOM representatives and those of other organizations or agencies how they are working to improve border migration control, not only with the lifting of a perimeter fence, but also with the installation of a modern high-tech people detection system.

He also stressed that it seeks to strengthen the quality of the personnel and services offered at the border crossings, a request that various community organizations have made through the IOM.

For his part, Javier Niño, director for the Americas of the EU’s European External Action Service, stated that the objective of the visit is to understand a little better the challenge involved in managing the border post from the logistical, human and environmental point of view. safety. In the same vein, Katja Afheldt, the head of the EU Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Division, said that the visit allows her to better understand “how things are”.

The EU ambassador to the country, Gianluca Grippa, during a meeting with
representatives of the Codevi Industrial Campus of Dajabón, reported that the EU has border control projects regarding the trafficking of people, weapons and drugs with which it could cooperate.

The commission was also made up of the general director of the Specialized Border Security Corps, General José Manuel Durán; the director of Border Control Lianny Vázquez, as well as authorities and official officials of the border provinces.

By: Communications Department.