Citizens try to prevent the work of Immigration agents, attacking them physically and verbally.

4 June, 2024
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In the month of May alone, 10 members of Immigration have been hospitalized after being beaten

Santo Domingo. _ Ten agents from the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) are recovering in their homes after being attacked by citizens who have tried to prevent the interdiction work they carry out in different parts of the country.

In the month of May, various incidents have been recorded, which in some cases have frustrated the work of the members of Immigration, the most recent occurred this Tuesday in the Navarrete municipality, Santiago province, where in addition to the attack, the glass of some of them was broken. the institution’s trucks.

Another incident occurred this Monday in the Herrera sector, where two Haitians in a motor vehicle recklessly ran over one of the agents who was in the immigration interdiction operation. Last Thursday, May 23, a foreigner injured an agent in the arm with a knife while trying to free a compatriot after being detained without documents in Brisas del Este, Santo Domingo Este.

On Tuesday, May 21, at kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway, when an agent was loading a foreigner into the DGM vehicle, a motorist from the area hit him on the forehead with a ring he owned, forcing the others to agents take him to the Marcelino Vélez Santana hospital for the wound to his face. The other motoconchistas hid the foreigner. In Buenos Aires de Herrera, on May 9, a Haitian in an irregular condition after being detained dragged an immigration agent when trying to escape his capture, which caused injuries to his hands from which he is recovering. While on José Núñez Avenue in Cáceres, a Dominican threw stones at the entity’s truck in order to prevent the operation, that occurred on May 3.

The General Directorate of Migration reiterates that it carries out its operations with respect to human rights, in accordance with law 285 – 04, its application regulations under decree 631 – 11 and the international conventions of which the Dominican Republic is a signatory. He adds that these events will not intimidate the agents in the exercise of their duties, they will continue in the interdiction work.