Costa Rican Immigration wants to implement Dominican E-Ticket

21 March, 2024
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The Directorate of Migration and Immigration of Costa Rica (DGME) came to the Dominican Republic to learn about the nation’s experience regarding the application of E-Ticket and Autogate that is implemented to expedite the entry process of citizens of other countries. countries.

     The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) of the Dominican Republic, headed by Venancio Alc谩ntara, highlighted the importance of the electronic ticket that makes it easier for people to enter the nation.

      He specified that the businessmen feel very satisfied and have expressed the progress that has been achieved with its implementation, but at the same time the users feel more comfortable with the quick and agile access to the Dominican Republic.

      For her part, Marta Vindas, director of Migration and Immigration (DGME) of Costa Rica, said that she has heard of the success that the nation had with the E Ticket and Autogate to avoid lines and crowding of people.

      I highlight the positive impressions about this process, the facilities, the agility and the saving of passenger time, the reduction of costs.

      In a meeting between both institutions, they discussed the inter-institutional relationship of the Government such as the Customs Directorate, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Tourism, the Police and other international organizations.

       The E Ticket is the digital record of passengers who come to the Dominican Republic or travel to other countries that must be filled out before boarding the plane from the country of origin and the autogate is a tool that facilitates the entry or exit of Dominicans.

      Officials from the World Bank (WB) and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPYD) participated in the event.

By: Communications Department