Warns to increase operations: DGM stops 1,878 Haitian nationals and deportes 895.

22 August, 2019
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Warns will increase operational: DGM stops 1,878 Haitian nationals and deportes 895      

SANTO DOMINGO.- The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) deported 895 Haitian nationals out of the thousand 78 detained in migratory interdiction operations carried out September 16-20, in nine (9) provinces of the country and the National District.  

 Of the Haitian nationals 183 were purified and dispatched. The arrests occurred in the provinces of Azua, Dajabón, Montecristi, Monsignor Nouel, San Cristóbal, Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago Rodríguez, Santo Domingo (East and North municipalities), and Valverde and the National District.

The operations of the DGM were carried out by inspectors of the institution assisted by members of the Army, Navy and Air Force of the Dominican Republic; of the National Police, of CESTUR, representatives of the Public Ministry and of Environment and Natural Resources.

 The information provided by the DGM indicates that after debugging the detainees, I deport 895 through the border points of Dajabón and Elías Piña, always respecting the dignity and human rights of citizens.

 In Santiago de los Caballeros 230 were arrested, in National District 230 and in Montecristi 145; in Santo Domingo Este and Norte 117, in Valverde 110, in Dajabón 71, in Santiago Rodríguez 66, in Monseñor Nouel 48, in San Cristóbal 44, and 17 in Azua.

 According to the information, the operations were carried out in the Los Pilones sectors of Azua; Olympic Village, Hato Mayor and Puñal, of Santiago; Santiago de la Cruz and Loma de Cabrera, of Dajabón; Piedra Blanca y Maimón, by Monsignor Nouel; Botoncillo y Arrozal, from Montecristi; and Restoration, Boca de Mao and La Reforma, of Valverde, among other places in different provinces.


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