14 March, 2024
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The General Directorate of Immigration clarifies that this Monday the members of the DGM were carrying out an interdiction operation on 41st Street in the Cristo Rey sector, and when approaching a Haitian citizen and requesting his documentation; He showed his passport, but he did not have the corresponding visa; Upon verifying that his documentation was not regular, they proceeded to take him back to the Immigration vehicle, that is when the DGM Brigade was attacked.

The motorcyclists in the area began to throw stones, bottles and other objects at the inspectors, citizens also tried to disarm a member of the Dominican Air Force, so the military accompaniment, in order to leave, fired a shot into the air, in order to to protect the physical integrity of the citizens who circulated through the area, the personnel who worked and the interdicts. It should be noted that the ammunition of our military accompaniment is blank shots.

Those who fortunately were supported by police officers from the area who patrolled the area.

In the incident on 41st Street at the corner of Los Mártires de Cristo Rey, there were no deaths or injuries.

By:  Communications Department.