5 May, 2022

The General Directorate of Migration reports that it dismissed two agents from the institution’s security department, upon determining that they committed serious misconduct in the performance of their duties.

He explained that these, who appear in a video circulating on social networks, in which they are seen attacking a Haitian citizen, at the Haina Vacation Reception Center, did not use the corresponding protocol at the time of submitting to obedience. a Haitian citizen and not use the proportional use of force in these cases.

The DGM emphasizes that the report of the investigation carried out by the agents resulted in their dismissal from the institution, and that said report was sent to their military institution so that they can be sanctioned in accordance with the disciplinary military regulations.

The General Directorate of Migration emphasizes that it will not tolerate mistreatment or violations of the human rights of immigrants, and that those who incur in such practices will have the corresponding consequences.