2 February, 2023
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January 3, 2023.

Santo Domingo, RD.- The General Director of Immigration, Venancio Alcántara, ordered the integration of
a team of Immigration Interdiction, accompanied by the Director of Immigration Control Yudelka
García, who will provide accompaniment and advice on the scope of the law, to the personnel who carry out these
employment in the national territory.

Alcántara, indicated that the formation of this auxiliary team is intended to take advantage of the start
of this year 2023 to permanently advise, guide and reiterate to immigration agents the
scope of law 285-04, indicating their duties, rights and proceed in adherence and compliance
of the Law that protects them.

The head of Migration said, referring to the agents under his guidelines “He was told that it is a good
time to reflect and start this 2023 with renewed energy and enthusiasm when congratulating him
for the work done in the year 2022″.

Likewise, through a press release, the institution indicated that the Immigration Interdiction team
will be made up of the Director of Immigration Control, Yudelka García, as coordinator,
regional and provincial supervisors, who act as inspectors, among other institution personnel,
under the strict instructions of the owner, Venancio Alcántara.

Alcántara, assured that the formation of this team seeks to increasingly improve the work and
procedure of the personnel that executes the implementation of the actions of detention, requisition and
transfer of interdicted irregular foreigners through flow control operations
illegal migration in the national territory, always respecting human dignity and the rights
fundamentals of people in that condition, by precise instructions from the superior government that
led by President Luis Abinader.

The project was announced during a meeting held with the staff working at the
headed by the general director Venancio Alcántara, where he was also accompanied by,
by Martín Suarez, Director of Human Resources, Colonel Emiliano de los Santos Quezada E.R.D, among

By: Directorate of Communications.