Directorate General of Migration clarifies Law empowering to detain motorcyclists who travel with illegal foreigners

10 July, 2024
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DGM complains of assault on police and damage caused to the Santiago building and other private properties.

Santiago. – The General Directorate of Immigration (DGM) has the power to stop drivers and retain all types of vehicles that have foreigners with irregular immigration status in the Dominican Republic as passengers.

According to article 128 and 129 of 285 – 04, its paragraphs and the implementing regulations of decree 631 – 11, the DGM can retain vehicles in which irregular foreigners are traveling.

 After the arrest, the Immigration Service, together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and other authorities, investigates the circumstances under which the foreigner was transported and, if it is determined that there was no intention of illegal trafficking of irregular foreigners, the vehicle is returned to its owner and the citizen is deported to his/her country.

  Protesting motorcyclists in Santiago attacked a police officer, smashed DGM vehicles and other private cars that were parked there.

 At the same time, the General Directorate of Migration understands that a claim should not affect a property of the Dominican State, which is built with taxes paid by the complainants themselves.

 By: Communications Department