Doctor Cruz Jiminian visited the General Director of Migration Venancio Alcántara and wishes him success in his management

28 October, 2022
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After paying a courtesy visit to the head of the General Directorate of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, Dr. Félix A. Cruz Jiminian, stressed that the appointment of Venancio Alcántara as head of the General Directorate of Migration was excellent.

Upon leaving the Office, the doctor highlighted the trajectory, dedication, dedication and work commitment that characterize the official, whom he predicted successes in his management and defined him as a man of integrity.

Jiminian, stated that he went to greet and congratulate the director of Migration Venancio Alcántara, because he is a serious, honest and good manager, who, like him, has dedicated part of his life to serving the most needy in the country and that known for more than two decades.

“I turn this courtesy visit to greet my friend and at the same time congratulate him on his appointment to the position, given the trust placed in him by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader,” he said.

He said “There is no doubt that Venancio Alcántara will carry out an effective, transparent and respectful management of human rights at the head of this institution, because he is a hard-working man with good principles,” he assured.

During the meeting, “the town’s doctor” as Jiminian is also known, reiterated that he augured success in his duties to the head of Immigration, while putting himself at his service to collaborate in whatever he deemed pertinent.

By: Communication Department