20 June, 2022
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Within the framework of the LIV Ordinary Meeting of the Commission of Migration Authorities of the SICA member countries (OCAM), held in Panama City on the 13th and 14th of this month, the Republic of Panama handed over the Pro Tempore Presidency of OCAM to the Dominican Republic, who will exercise it for the period from July 1st to December 31st, 2022. The Dominican Republic will exercise the important mission under the leadership of Mr. Enrique Garc铆a, director general of the General Directorate of Migration.

In the protocol act, the Pro Tempore Presidency of the OCAM was received by the licensed Lucy Santana, in charge of the National Office for Refugees (ONR), focal point in this organization, on behalf of the general director Enrique Garc铆a. Ms. Santana, bearing words transmitted on behalf of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, and the General Director of Immigration, Enrique Garc铆a, expressed her gratitude for the transfer that is carried out due to the rotation established in the SICA Regulations. At the same time, he expressed the firm decision of the Dominican Republic to propose a regional strategic agenda that promotes orderly and safe migration, the reduction of regional threats that affect the national security of the countries and the implementation of concrete mechanisms and exchanges of good practices. of interregional migratory regulation with respect for human rights.

During the meeting, topics based on the reflections on the current situation of irregular migration in Central America and the Dominican Republic, the update on the implications of the finalization of Title 42 and the follow-up to Title 8 in the United States, the visa categories assigned to the countries of nationals with a high flow of migrants, obtaining residences in southern countries mainly, the use by human traffickers and smugglers of migrants of the vulnerabilities of people in need or interested in moving across borders and the situation of massive flows, particularly Haitian, Venezuelan and Cuban migration with their particular characteristics. There was consensus that, in order to achieve the objective of orderly, safe and regular migration in the continent, the support of the South American countries is necessary. In this sense, the Commission recommended a rapprochement with the South American Conference on Migration (CSM).

Likewise, the Dominican Republic took advantage of the stage to draw the attention of the Central American countries that are part of SICA to join efforts to call on the international community to turn its gaze towards Haiti and collaborate decisively to get out of the depressing situation in which it finds itself with projects of development that bring progress and social, political and economic well-being. The overflowing migratory flow of Haitian citizens without proper authorization, mainly to the Dominican Republic, is much more than evident. It is also a well-known fact that the vast majority of Haitian nationals seeking better economic conditions in other countries of the continent use the South America-Central America route as transit to reach the United States.

The meeting was headed by several heads of the migratory institutions of the SICA region and the respective technicians designated for the work of the OCAM.

By: Communication Deppartment.