General Director of Migration Venancio Alcántara visits the border area in Dajabón

28 October, 2022

During a visit to Dajabón Director of Migration Venancio Alcántara said that the government is working on
protocol to strengthen migratory measures.

Venancio Alcántara, Director General of Migration, visited the border area this Saturday for
the part of Dajabón. There he toured various points on that part of the border between the
Dominican Republic and Haiti, where he also visited the construction of the border wall that
raises the Dominican government in that province.

Alcántara also visited the facilities of the migratory institution located in the pass
border between Dajabón and Juana Méndez, where he supervised and contacted the work carried out
the staff of that state dependency, with whom he held a meeting to give him
some guidelines and instructions on the migratory measures that will continue to be

He stated that the government of President Luis Abinader has made an effort and is working
in strengthening border control points, to seek solutions to the problem
migratory and correct any anomaly. He was emphatic in saying that if any
foreigner illegally in Dominican territory, “this will be sent back to its
country of origin no matter what it is.

He added that the government is preparing a protocol that will strengthen the
measures and guarantee control throughout the border, to end the migration of foreigners
illegal in the country.

By: Communication Department