General Directorate of Immigration urges citizens to obtain permits for minors to travel on time

24 June, 2024
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This document is valid for 90 days.

Santo Domingo. _ Due to school holidays, a time when parents take the opportunity to send their children to travel outside the country without them, the General Directorate of Immigration (DGM) recommends that citizens obtain the travel authorization certification on time. minors. 

   In order for the citizen to avoid long lines, system congestion and be able to have their permit before going on a trip without mishap, the DGM recommends completing their procedures in advance, which can be done, even without having the flight purchased.

     These minor permits are valid for 90 days and the process takes about 48 hours to complete from the moment the documents are deposited and delivered until the authorization arrives by email and they physically go to look for them. They do not have to wait for the proximity of their trip to obtain departure certification.

   The requirements that are on our website and social networks are; notarized power of attorney and legalized by the Attorney General’s Office signed by the parents or one of them, copy of the passport of the father, mother or third party traveling, copy of the minor’s passport (with biometric data), photos of the minor, copy of the authorizing parent’s ID, birth certificate of the minor and others.

   Additionally, Immigration reminds that minors traveling with both parents are not required to have birth certificates at airports, unless an inspector observes an irregular situation.

By: Communications Department