General Directorate of Migration intervenes in Bonao in Monseñor Nouel and detains 188 illegal Haitian nationals.

2 February, 2023
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02 de Noviembre del 2022.

Through simultaneous operations at different strategic points in the Monseñor Nouel province,
agents attached to the General Directorate of Migration, detained 188 illegal Haitian nationals,
who transited in this city without any type of documentation that identifies them as a foreigner
regularly in the country.

Through Migration interdiction work, the Villa Liberación, Los
Pedregones, Los Transformadores, Prosperidad, Loma de Blanco and Banks of the Yuna River, of the municipality
Bonao, in coordination with military personnel, police agents and members of the National Service of
Environmental Protection.

In the operations launched with the objective of identifying undocumented foreigners in the
country, under the current immigration laws of the Dominican Republic, drones were used, various
Trucks and Vans, using the appropriate and corresponding procedure, as
set the standards.

The interdicted foreigners were taken to the reception centers of the Santiago Province and to the
Haina Vacation Retention Center, to be processed and later repatriated to their country

Through a press release issued by the Communications Department, the General Directorate
of Migration, reiterated that the operations are carried out within the framework of respect for the rights
fundamentals of the person, under the guidelines of immigration regulations and precise instructions
of the general director of migration, Venancio Alcántara, in order to guarantee human rights.
The operations were led by Colonel Emiliano de los Santos Quezada, E.R.D., in charge of the
Immigration Interdiction Department, with the collaboration of the National Police, the Service
National Environmental Protection, (SENPA), and the Army of the Dominican Republic, ERD.

By: Directorate of Communications.