29 April, 2022
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The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) is investigating an incident involving one of its immigration control agents with a person, apparently a Haitian immigrant, as seen in a video circulating today on social networks.

He explains that preliminary reports indicate that the foreign citizen had apparently previously launched an attack against the military, and that he had even physically assaulted more than one of them, ignoring and resisting a call for arrest for the purpose of a routine check-up or review of documentation, but that this part is not seen in the video, obviously edited, about the unfortunate incident that circulates without date or details.

The General Directorate of Migration emphasizes that it instructs its agents to act with absolute respect for the law, and that it does not tolerate any type of bad behavior. "They have to respect immigration regulations, they have to observe absolute respect for human rights," he says. But, he clarified that he will not accept that foreigners disrespect the immigration agents who are in the exercise of their functions.

The DGM reiterates that it will not tolerate violations of the human rights of immigrants and that this is an isolated incident that is being investigated and will have the corresponding consequences.

By: Communications Department.