Immigration Director conducts supervision tour at Vacacional Haina.

4 December, 2023
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November 27, 2023.

SAN CRISTOBAL. The director supervised the construction work of the ship divided into three pavilions,
which will house about 900 people, and an office building
Santo Domingo, RD.- During a supervision tour, the General Director of
Immigration, Venancio Alcántara, visited the Haina Vacation Detention Center,
where he inspected the construction being carried out, the process carried out with the
interdicted over the weekend.

In addition, the official realized that the protocol was being complied with.
transfer and repatriation; the timely distribution of breakfast, lunch and dinner, water,
among other services, so that detained foreigners are in optimal conditions
and worthy.

The head of Immigration ordered the release of some detainees who had been
legal documentation has been lost, in favor of the person who ordered its purge
immediately in the database and that they be offered help so that they can obtain their

After his visit to the Haina Vacation Center, Alcántara, he specified that these actions were
carried out routinely, to ensure that everything there is running correctly,
where those interdicted can receive more humanitarian treatment, regardless of their status

During the tour, the official supervised the construction work of a warehouse
divided into three pavilions, which will house about 900 people, and a building for
offices, works that will allow greater spaces and avoid overcrowding, given the
increase in interdiction operations at the national level.

He specified that as they comply and enforce law 285-04 that governs the policies
immigration policies promoted by the government, in that same situation, said that they must be guaranteed
and respect the fundamental rights of the individual, as well as the agreements

In this sense, the general director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, reiterated the call
agents to comply with the rules without falling into excess, anomalies, or abusive practices, after making it clear that these actions are not established in the law, nor is it the objective of the immigration policies carried out in the country , he concluded.

By: General Directorate of Migration.