Immigration Directorate subdues a foreigner for defrauding a compatriot.

23 May, 2024
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A French citizen altered a DGM document and charged 134 thousand pesos when the process costs RD$10,000

Santo Domingo. _ In the next few hours, the Public Ministry will learn about coercive measures against a Frenchman who defrauded a compatriot of his and falsified a document from the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) to simulate that it was a payment from the institution.

    Through the legal directorate of Immigration, citizen Sylvain Leon Gilbert Maufrais, 55 years old, was submitted, who promised Mrs. Sophie Joelle Claude Davranche, 62 years old, also from France, to achieve Dominican residency.

    Claude Davranche handed over his personal documents to Gilbert Maufrais to help him regularize himself in the Dominican Republic and he charged him 134 thousand pesos to carry out the process by altering an invoice from the General Directorate of Immigration. The residency application for a foreigner costs RD$10,000.

    The Frenchman was detained at the main headquarters of the DGM with the falsified document, when he went with the lady and another citizen of that country to simulate the speeding up of the immigration process. He was immediately taken by immigration agents to the National District Prosecutor’s Office.

    The foreigner is being accused of forgery against the State and defrauding his compatriot in accordance with articles 147 and 405 of the Dominican Penal Code, which punishes the falsification of documents, according to the legal classification given by the Legal Directorate of the DGM. This fact could carry a sentence of up to 10 years.

    The General Directorate of Immigration recommends that national and foreign citizens who carry out immigration processes in the institution, be attentive to their processes so that malicious third parties do not scam them by confusing them in the collection rate since our collaborators are always ready to assist them with good wishes.

   By: Communications Department