Immigration says that the construction project of the Ciudad Juan Bosch Detention Center is for illegal immigrants

4 December, 2023
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October 19, 2023

Santo Domingo, RD – As part of a new vision in the application of the
immigration policies promoted by the Dominican government, through a
repatriation process with higher standards of humanization, the Directorate
General of Migration (DGM), indicated that the project for the construction of
a new Detention Center for Foreigners in immigration conditions
irregular, seeks to enable an adequate temporary accommodation structure,
in compliance with the repatriation process in that sense, in the
eastern part of the country.

He specified that the proposal for the construction of this new building in
Ciudad Juan Bosch, in Santo Domingo Este, has the purpose of moving there
to undocumented foreigners interdicted in the simultaneous operations that
Implements Migration in the provinces of the Eastern region and Gran Santo
Sunday, without the need to gather them in the Reception Center
Vacacional Haina, which currently serves as a collection site for the 32 provinces
from the country.

He explained that, in no way, the new accommodation will serve to accommodate
prolonged manner to interdicted foreigners, and assured that, on the contrary,
They seek to provide greater capacity to the institution, to respond more
effective in the fight against the irregular migratory flow throughout the territory

Through a press release, the institution also reported that with this
new space seeks to provide better treatment to detained illegal aliens
in the country, within the framework of respect for human rights and agreements
international, but also to the human team that works on the interdictions,
in the Eastern region.

He said that this project is part of a comprehensive plan, which began with the
acquisition of new and modern transport units, with greater security and
warranty for occupants, including drones and other technological equipment.

He gave as an example that so far this year, the General Directorate of
Immigration has deported a total of 206,684 foreigners to their country
undocumented immigrants, mostly Haitians, who, upon being searched in the
different operatives, did not carry documents that endorse their regular stay in the
Dominican Republic.

He assured that, of that universe of repatriated foreigners, only 26 are
Americans, 17 Cubans, 5 Venezuelans, while another 54 are from
Colombian, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Puerto Rican, Pakistani and other nationalities
other nationalities and the rest are Haitians.

To carry out the project, the institution made public a process of
tender, for the design and preparation of architectural plans, through the
file DGM-DAF-CM-2023-0070.

By: Communications Department.