Immigration sends PN investigative department to agent who injured two undocumented Haitian nationals in brawl to investigate circumstances

4 December, 2023
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November 24, 2023

Members of the DGM are not authorized to use firearms; the military does
and these use non-lethal rubber capsules.

Santo Domingo, DR. – The General Directorate of Migration (DGM), reported that it put
available to the PN investigative department, to an agent of the institution who in a
confusing incident in which two undocumented Haitian nationals were shot and wounded
They were traveling aboard a motorcycle, in the Cajuil Prieto community, in Las Matas
from Farfán, San Juan de la Maguana.

He indicated that, according to the preliminary report, the incident occurred while the agent
Francisco Leodagny Peña, followed up on the foreigners who were transported
on a motorcycle, whose driver upon noticing the presence of the immigration agents
He began to flee, and it is at that moment where the brawl originates, circumstances in which
which the agent allegedly inflicted gunshot wounds on him.

After the incident in which they were injured in the legs, the Haitian nationals
Jean Jacques Judes, 33, and Moisés Yamesley, 23, were transferred
by members of the institution to the Federico Armando Aybar Municipal Hospital, who
When they were seized, they did not carry the documents required to legally travel through the country.

Immigration agent Francisco Leodagny Peña, who provides services in the province
Elías Piña, is being placed at the disposal of the PN investigative department,
specifically homicide which is the department that investigates these types of cases,
to later send it to the Public Ministry of that district, like the
firearm that he was carrying, with which he allegedly committed the act, of which
They deepen the investigations.

Given this situation, the general director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, specified that
The member of the institution was provisionally suspended, until
conclude the investigations, in order to determine the real circumstances that caused the

He also warned that under no circumstances will excess authority or abuse be allowed.
against the undocumented, regardless of their nationality or immigration status, at the same time,
recalled that there are legal procedures and a protocol to handle cases of
illegal aliens, without committing abuses.

The head of Immigration was emphatic in clarifying that the members of the institution do not
carry firearms and that those who do carry are the military who provide services
together and that the projectiles they use are rubber, non-lethal, at the time of
reiterate that the institution he directs is complying and enforcing law 285-04
that governs immigration policies in the country, promoted by the government, however, left
Of course, this should not be a mechanism of repression or to commit abuse against anyone.

By: Communications Department.