GENERAL DIRECTION OF MIGRATION Inauguration of one-stop shop for lawyers

13 July, 2021
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The General Directorate of Migration put into operation an exclusive one-stop shop for lawyers who come to that institution on a daily basis in proceedings proper to their functions. The activity was led by the Director of Migration, Enrique García, who said that from now on the lawyers will have a place to deposit their files, without taking turns so that their work is facilitated. He expressed that this window was an aspiration of the members of ASOMIGA, who daily go to the migration to do their work.

García advocated for this window to be preserved, and the lawyer’s offices
accredit paralegals, who will be given an
identification card .

What is sought with this one-stop shop is that the work of the lawyers
is made viable with an agile and efficient staff and that it can be
improved every day for which they will be ready to listen to any suggestion.

On behalf of the lawyers, Carmen Montas spoke,
thanking Enrique García for making this initiative a reality.

He said that no other Director of Migration had heeded their
requests, but that it has finally come true for the benefit of them and their clients.

Meanwhile, Judelka Laureano, general secretary of the district section of the Dominican Bar Association, thanked the opening of this window, which facilitates the work of the lawyers who come to the institution daily .

By: Communications department.