Migration and JAC go to improvements implemented in E-Ticket entry and exit of the country by air and sea

22 March, 2023
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March 9, 2023

They also addressed matters concerning space and air traffic in the DR

Santo Domingo, DR – The General Director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, participated in the meeting
Ordinary meeting with the directors of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), as a member of the National Committee
of Facilitation, in order to take stock of a series of measures implemented that have managed to improve
the process of entering and leaving the country via the airports.

In addition to addressing matters related to the facilitation of transit and air transport, they took stock of
the initiatives put in place to simplify the services and streamline the entry and exit of the
national territory, through the improvement in the Electronic Form of Entry and Exit of the Republic
Dominican (E-Tiket, which is now available digitally for easier access.

This service has made it possible to improve the check-up process for people entering and leaving the country,
with just one click and the form reaches the email automatically,
streamlining user assistance.

They also discussed the Facilitation Regulation of Air Transport (RFTA), the initiatives of the
Work Commission, provisional extension of the validity of passport booklets, adopted through
Resolution by the Passport Directorate, status of the establishment of this reading document
electronics in the Dominican Republic and prevention of airborne diseases in the

During the meeting that took place in a hotel in the capital, headed by Mrs. Paola Aimée
Plá Puello, Secretary of the National Facilitation Committee, representing José Marte Piantini,
president of the organization, Venancio Alcántara, of Migration, Digna Reynoso, Director of Passports
among other officials and authorities of other public institutions and military bodies that
make up the organism.

At the end of 2022, the General Directorate of Migration launched the new version of the e-ticket with the
improvements aimed at simplifying the filling process.

Among these improvements, the implementation of the frequent flyer stands out, which allows, through the
use of a previous code, reduce the filling time by 50%, likewise, the
form of the Ministry of Health, and instead, the facility to receive the e-ticket via
email, as well as the ease of completing the form in the same application
both for entry and exit, which allows a significant saving of time for the user.
Autogate service:

The entity invited citizens to use the autogate service at the International Airports of
Americas (AILA) and Santiago, for a greater benefit and to make the migration process more
more agile, reliable and timely.