Migration denies having restarted the process of regularization of illegal Venezuelans in the DR

22 March, 2023
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March 16, 2023.

Santo Domingo, RD.- The General Director of Immigration, Venancio Alc谩ntara,
denied today that it has arranged to start a new program of
regularization of Venezuelan nationals in the Dominican Republic with the status
of “non-resident immigration category” as has come to light in a media outlet

Through an informative note, the institution explained that the regulations in its
moment established that the Venezuelans who would be benefited from the programs of
regularization are those who entered the country from January 2014 to March
year 2020.

He indicated “The current situation of the PNV is pending processing of those who remained in
transition from phase 2 to phase 3 and once pronounced, the DGM is empowered to execute
the provision, for which we reiterate that for a new reopening of this process,
requires the official pronouncement of the National Migration Council and this has not
happened” assured the head of Migration, Venancio Alc谩ntara.

He also recalled that the National Migration Council is the body empowered to
pronounce on the reopening of the program, since the plan began in April
of 2020, and closed with the registration of more than 42 thousand people who accepted the process,
of which more than 30 thousand today have their document at hand that were regularized
and others with the authorization to withdraw it, since at the time a month was granted
as the deadline to register.

He specified that the Venezuelans who entered Dominican territory using
tourist card or visa issued by the Dominican authorities and who have
remained in the Dominican Republic since the authorized validity, were

beneficiaries, however, warned that those who did not accept the process are subject to
to be deported.

In this sense, the General Director of Migration, Venancio Alc谩ntara, urged all
that foreigner who visits the Dominican Republic to do so legally and under
the rules, otherwise you will have to face the consequences of the policies
migratory measures promoted by the Dominican government, in order to counteract the flow
irregular migration.