Migration Directorate will not allow agents and inspectors to extort citizens

10 July, 2024
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Venancio Alcántara will not allow any “swindling” or abuse.

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) asked citizens to send the institution the complaints they make in order to take action against agents and inspectors who extort and take money from foreigners to release them for violating Law 285 – 04.

The DGM will take action and remove from the institution any member of the Immigration Service who does not comply with the regulations and who deviates from the ethics and guidelines of the entity.

Venancio Alcántara, Director General of Migration, will not allow “smuggling” and frequently instructs immigration agents and gives them training with the Dominican Commission on Human Rights.

Following a publication in the media, the General Directorate of Migration already investigated the case more than 6 months ago and determined that it was a mafia of people who pretended to be members of Migration, when they did not even work for the institution.

Since March, when the video circulated and the transfer became known, the incident was investigated to verify whether DGM employees were involved.

During Alcántara’s administration, more than 800 employees have been fired for failing to comply with ethics and transparency standards.

Alcantara said that while he is in charge of Migration, he will be tough with anyone who deviates from the established order.

By: Communications Department