Migration disallows delivery of work cards to Haitian nationals who allegedly work agriculture in Dajabon

2 February, 2023
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January 18, 2023.

Santo Domingo, DR. – The General Directorate of Migration, disallowed the delivery of permits to
through cards to agricultural producers in the Dajabon province, to provide this document to
Haitian nationals who carry out agricultural work on farms and plots in the area.

He specified that they are investigating the situation regarding an alleged delivery of the card by associations
from farmers, to agricultural producers, to be used by the illegal workers who work them
their plots.

Through a press release, the head of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, said that he disavows
any official, institution or person who is carrying out this type of action in a
without consultation, since, as he explained, the immigration policies that the government is implementing are taking
carried out in a transparent, objective manner and within the framework of respect for the Law and regulations.

Article 6 of Law 285-04 that governs the matter of migration through the General Directorate of
Migration, DGM, which prohibits any institution in the country from authorizing foreigners
in the national territory to transit legally. The law only authorizes the General Directorate of
Migration; this initiative to provide cards to Haitian foreigners who come to cultivate the land
of the producers and owners of parcels and later they go to their country, it is illegal and there is no
any legal validity.

Alcántara, specified that they are investigating the reality or not of this information that has come to light
in some media and social networks, where it establishes that the identification or permissions will only be
strictly valid at the municipal level and will be managed responsibly by employers,
as you have known.

The General Director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, made it clear that the mission entrusted by the
President Abinader, to implement and execute the government’s immigration policies, will be done in the
framework of transparency, equity, respect for integrity and human rights, as
establishes the law 285-04 that governs the matter.

By: Directorate of Communications.