13 March, 2023
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February 28, 2023.

Santo Domingo, RD.- The General Directorate of Migration, assured that during the current management of
Venancio Alc谩ntara at the head of the institution have exceeded by three, in less than a year, the number of
repatriations of undocumented immigrants that were made during the same period of the past government.

Migration assured that the actions that are carried out is a reality that reflects the determined struggle
that the Dominican government wages against the irregular migratory scourge, the movement of undocumented
and human trafficking.

He assured that the statistics are there, as evidenced by President Luis Abinader in his speech
of accountability of this February 27, who stated that the Dominican government repatriated
171,000 foreigners, mostly Haitian nationals, to the neighboring country of Haiti, a figure higher than the
deportations in 2021, which reached 85,000 returnees, representing an increase of 102%.

He specified that the institution has faithfully complied with the implementation of the migration policies of the
government, applying tactical procedures within the framework of respect for norms, human rights
and international agreements, which provide to guarantee the integrity of the person.

He explained that the country has carried out an effective migration policy, managing with transparency the
processes in order to guarantee the strengthening of national sovereignty, and gave as an example that in the
2019, during the administration of Danilo Medina, the deportations were 67,400 illegal aliens,
while current repatriations exceed 169 percent in less than a year.

In this sense, the General Director of Migration, Venancio Alc谩ntara, reiterated that the operations of
interdiction will not stop, which are carried out persistently and simultaneously in the
national territory, to counteract the movement of undocumented immigrants in the Dominican Republic without
no matter what nationality it is, so it warned that under no circumstances will it allow the
flow of foreigners with irregular immigration status in the country.

Likewise, he recalled the assertions of President Luis Abinader, who in his national address left
Clearly, immigration policy is set only by the Dominican government and they will always be carried out in defense
of national sovereignty.

It concluded that the Operation Border case, through which a criminal network was dismantled
dedicated to the trafficking of Haitian immigrants, is a reliable example of the firmness and determination
with which Law 285-04 is being applied in the country regardless of who it is.

By: Directorate of Communications.