2 February, 2023
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November 26, 2022.

The General Directorate of Migration reported that they were suspended for the purpose of
investigation, two agents of that institution of positions in the International Airport of the
Americas (AILA), after denunciations of alleged participation in actions at odds with the law.

Through a press release, the institution reiterated that it will not tolerate actions that
contravene the rules, since the current management headed by the General Director of
Migration, Venancio Alcántara, is committed to transparency and

It also specified that if the action is proven or an agent is involved
Immigration in collusion with third parties to circumvent any impediment to leaving the country or
red alert, and having received a bribe, will be definitively suspended and transferred to the
ordinary justice.

Faced with complaints in this regard, the General Directorate of Migration said that its owner,
Venancio Alcántara, has been emphatic and repetitive regarding the instructions given to the
personnel under his command to act in accordance with the rules and laws without incurring

He made it clear that during the Immigration interdiction operations that are carried out in
routinely throughout the national territory, there are precise instructions so that they are respected
the rights of people and the integrity of people is guaranteed, regardless of their
nationality or immigration status.

He specified that although it is not clear the relationship of airport agents of the institution
in actions of anomalies, the measures and corrective measures have been taken in place, to allow
an exhaustive investigation, the results of which will be released in a timely manner.

The General Directorate of Migration reiterated that, by order of its owner, Venancio
Alcántara, that whoever is or is involved with people with an impediment to leave the
country to evade the prosecution of justice, will be subjected to justice without any kind of

By: Communications Department