Migration will implement a new monitoring system and surveillance during interdiction operations

5 October, 2023
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October 3

The teams will be incorporated into the work to make actions more efficient and avoid
Santo Domingo, DR. – With the purpose of making work more efficient and documenting
actions during immigration interdiction operations, the General Directorate of
Migration (DGM), reported that a new monitoring system will be implemented in
real time, through drones.
The general director of Migration, Venancio Alc谩ntara, assured that the new method
that will be used during the operations carried out simultaneously, will allow
act more efficiently during interventions against the migratory flow
irregular, human trafficking and the transfer of contraband, within the framework of law 285-
04 that governs the matter.
Likewise, he explained that, through this new system, they will keep an eye on
permanently services on the street, so when an event happens, you can see
the reality of it and the transparency of the action that the agents have carried out
immigration, which will contribute to improving the work of the institution at the national level.
For the execution of the project, in its first stage the Martinon Business Group,
granted 15 state-of-the-art drones to the General Directorate of Migration, with the
purpose of contributing to the prosecution and combating of irregular migration crime
in the national territory.
The equipment was delivered to the head of Immigration, Venancio Alc谩ntara, by
Gabriel Roca Mir, general director of the Martin贸n Group and Alejandro Salvador And煤jar,
Director of Institutional Relations.

In this sense, Roca Mir highlighted the existing stability in the Dominican Republic, the
good functioning of its institutions and investment climate, which in turn
guarantees confidence in the development of entrepreneurial and business activities in
the country.
When thanking the business group for its contribution, Venancio Alc谩ntara indicated that
These devices are a high priority for the institution he directs and a necessity
prevailing to strengthen the actions carried out by the General Directorate of
The drones have a flight autonomy of 32 minutes, reaching a height
maximum service height of six thousand meters, they have a system of
GPS Glonass satellite positioning and a remote range of six thousand meters, as well
as capable of 4K high-resolution video and can reach speeds
up to 10 meters per second.