14 March, 2024
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SANTO DOMINGO. The General Directorate of Immigration (DGM) brought to justice a citizen who, wearing military clothing, insignia of the institution and a toy weapon, posed as an immigration inspector.

  The individual was arrested on San Vicente de Paul Avenue, Santo Domingo Este, in flagrante delicto when he tried to extort foreigners and attacked members of the DGM.

  This is Rudhy Manuel de los Santos, who operated in the surroundings of San Vicente de Paúl and Mella avenues and who was seized with an Immigration cap, a Dominican Air Force vest, a toy gun, a cell phone, cards. credit and debit records, identification cards and other evidence.

  The individual carried out interdictions and extorted Haitians claiming to be an inspector, who at the time of his arrest attacked two agents, who were hospitalized and sent to their homes.

  In addition, the subject, who has several judicial records, used a false identity to avoid persecution by the authorities with an ID under the name of Juan Xavier Pérez de los Santos, with also drug records.

  De los Santos Pérez was charged with usurpation of titles, functions and extortion as established by the Penal Code, in addition to violation of Law 285-04 on Immigration and its regulations.

  The legal consultant of the Immigration Directorate, Joaquincito Bocio, sent the evidence to the prosecutor of the Santo Domingo province, Milciades Guzmán, who will request coercive measures in the next few hours.

  The Immigration Control inspectors led by Yudelka García arrested the individual and sent him to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Santo Domingo province where he is detained.

  The director of Immigration, Venancio Alcántara, affirms that he will not allow the name of the institution to be tarnished, much less that its inspectors mistreat foreigners who are regulated in the Dominican Republic. 

By: Communications Department