Office of the Ambassador

Enrique García, General Director of Migration,  was director of the Reform and Modernization of Justice in the period 2000-2004, a period in which he had to deal with the approval of the current Criminal Procedure Code and the adaptation of its entry into force.

Academic training : He has a degree in Law, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago. As a complement to his academic training, he has done multiple studies at national and foreign universities, including:

■ Postgraduate Degree in Constitutional Law, University of Salamanca, Spain, 2003.

■ Master’s in International Law and Diplomacy, University of the Third Age, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2015.

■ Master’s Degree in Administrative Law and Municipal Management. Castilla La Mancha University, Spain. 2016.

■ Master of Law and Constitutional Procedure, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

■ The Cross-examination, Puerto Rico Bar Association, Puerto Rico, 2003.

■ Judicial System of the State of Florida, Bar Association of the Dominican Republic, 2003.

■ Terrorism, Financial Crimes and Human Rights, Fed. INT. of Bar Associations, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. 2003.

■ Cybercriminality, National School of the Magistracy, Paris, France, 2003.

■ Training Seminar on Legal Cooperation, AEIC Colombia, Colombia, 2003.

■ International Congress of Criminal Sciences, Attorney General’s Office of Cuba, Havana, 2002.

■ International Meeting on Law and its challenges, Institute for Law Development and Research, Havana, Cuba. 2001.

■ Child Protection System, CIF / AECI, Guatemala, 2002.

■ Seminar on the Evolution of the Penal System, National School of the Magistracy, Paris, France. 2001.

■ Investigative Techniques, Organization of Evidence and Others, UNDCP Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom. 2001.

■ First International Meeting of Public Defenders, Center for Justice Studies of the Americas. Santiago, Chile, 2001.

■ International Course on Administrative Corruption, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, 2001.

■ Anti-Corruption Conference 2000, Consortium on Financial Institute, Virginia United States, 2000.

■ First Central American Congress of Public Defenders, USAID, San Salvador, El Salvador, 2000.

■ Comparative Law Study, Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico, 2003.

■ Effective Implementation of the New Anti-Money Laundering Law, UNDCP Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. 2002.