RD Successfully concludes regional meeting of Migration Directors members of the OCAM

2 February, 2023
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December 14, 2022.

At their Fiftieth Regular Meeting, the authorities agreed to develop an agenda
common in safe, legal and humane migration.

Bávaro, RD.- With resounding success, under the central theme “Strengthening Management and
Immigration Control of the Region 2022″ concluded this Tuesday the meeting of directors of
Migration from different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, members of the Commission
Central American Directorates of Migration (OCAM), through the Process conclave
Regional Consultative Committee, which was based in the Dominican Republic.

In the multilateral event that took place on Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th of the current year, in the
Dreams Onyx Hotel, Bávaro-Punta Cana, the authorities addressed the presentation of a
roadmap, implementation needs of OCAM Alerts, strengthening of
data exchange via the PRIMI platform, in order to counteract migration
mass in Central America and the Dominican Republic, through monitoring the mechanism
implementation of the protocol on massive migratory flows.

They agreed to design and promote a common agenda in the region to strengthen the
policies of the migration policies of governments and other organizations in Central America
and the Caribbean, in order to continue managing migration policies in a humanitarian manner,
sustainable and taking into account the vulnerabilities of migrants, focused on
four lines of work: Migration Governance, Partnerships and Cooperation, Emergencies
Migration Crisis, and Communication for Development.

In the same way, they promised to promote the bonds of friendship for Security,
protection, surveillance, prevention, modernization of management, strengthening of
borders, integrated controls, and technological improvements, within the framework of the laws
such as legal framework, international agreements and other legitimate mechanisms for
achieve stability of migration programs to combat migrant smuggling

In the act of transfer of the Pro Tempore Presidency held by the Dominican Republic,
under the representation of the general director of Migration Venancio Alcántara, Mrs.
Debra Baptist Estrada, director of the National Immigration Institute of Belize, a country that
receives the mandate to continue consolidating the actions of the OCAM.

Alcántara, stressed that the event serves as a regional mechanism to evaluate the actions
measures implemented by the member countries, after specifying that in the special case of the
Dominican Republic, the correct application of the laws, norms and actions carried out by the country in immigration matters has been evidenced, whose goal is to preserve the
integrity of the person, by order of President Luis Abinader.

The event was also integrated by the gentlemen Manuel Edgardo Lemus, Representative
of the Secretary General of SICA and Nicola Graviano, Technical Secretary of OCAM and head
IOM mission for El Salvador and Honduras, among other personalities.

The Central American Commission of Migration Directors (OCAM)- (was created in October
of 1990, in San José, Costa Rica, whose objective is to have a regional mechanism of
coordination, consultation and consultation for the treatment of the migratory phenomenon, which
arises within the OCAM.

The OCAM is made up of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala,
Panama, Belize and the Dominican Republic who delivered the pro tempore presidency
of the OCAM

By: Directorate of Communications.