2 February, 2023
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November 28, 2022.

Agents of the Reserve of the Armed Forces and the National Police, expressed their
support for the actions carried out by the Director General of Migration, Venancio
Alcántara, in the fight against the transit and transfer of undocumented foreigners in the territory

During a visit made to the head of Migration, the senior retired officials highlighted
the work being carried out by the current management, through interdiction operations
in compliance with laws and regulations, for the benefit of national sovereignty.

They assured that after the appointment of Venancio Alcántara at the head of the General Directorate
of Migration, a work of the first order has been implemented under the directives of the superior
government headed by President Luis Abinader, and in compliance with the instructions
of its owner, which has also been supported by different sectors of society

They specified that the effective actions carried out in the institution seek to control
the migration of foreigners in an irregular condition, as established by Law 285-04 on the

The commission was made up of retired Major General Eufemio Torres Mejía, of the
Republic Army, Director of Reserves of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General
retired, Mariano Made Ramírez, director of Reserves of the National Police and also
Retired Brigadier General Ángel Nilo Valenzuela, Administrative Director of the Reserves,
as well as the retired brigadier general and legal consultant, Eufemio Amparo Brito.

They also expressed that the General Directorate of Migration is executing a
nation project that is backed by the military reserve and that has the support of
all sectors of the country.

They expressed that the director of Migration has the unconditional support of the reserve
military and police in this titanic and patriotic work.

By: Directorate of Communications.