The General Directorate of Immigration commemorates the 180th anniversary of National Independence

29 February, 2024
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Santo Domingo.– The General Directorate of Immigration proudly celebrates the 180th anniversary of the Independence of the Dominican Republic. We remember with gratitude the bravery of our heroes who fought for our freedom.

During the period between January 26 and February 27, the Dominican Republic celebrates the Month of the Homeland, a time to pay tribute to the Fathers of the Nation: Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Ramón Matías Mella. During this time, we reflect on the values ​​and symbols that represent our nationality, such as the flag, the shield and the National Anthem.

“Let’s work for and for the country, which means working for our children and for ourselves.” Juan Pablo Duarte Díez

By: Communications Department