The General Directorate of Migration denies the avalanche of Haitians who have crossed the border gate into the DR in a violent way

28 October, 2022
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The General Directorate of Migration denied that an avalanche of Haitian nationals
illegal immigrants crossed the border gate into Dominican territory this Friday in a
forced to stay in Dominican territory.

The DGM specified that a video circulating on social networks is not about nationals
Haitians are crossing the border illegally and in a forced way, if not, that it was the product
of the commercial exchange that takes place every week at the border crossing through Dajab贸n. The
institution reiterated that the government has deployed a greater number of military personnel than
They guarantee security on the Dominican-Haitian border by all means.

He stressed that by order of President Luis Abinader, new troops were stationed
of the Army in the border area, positioned directly by the Minister of Defense,
Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano D铆az Morfa and the Commander of the Army Major General
Carlos Antonio Fern谩ndez Onofre, which guarantees security and peace in the towns

He reiterated that the institution is respectful of human rights, however, he warns that
under no circumstances will it allow national sovereignty to be violated, and that it will remain
vigilant to enforce the law. Likewise, he affirmed that Law 285-04 on Migration is
clear, in accordance with the country’s immigration policies, and called for respecting the legislation in order to
avoid sanctions that it contemplates.

These statements are contained in a press release dispatched by the Directorate of
Communications from the General Directorate of Migration, DGM.

By: Communications and Public Relations Department.