They hold a workshop on the Pilot Design of the Border Inhabitant Card and Migration in time of the Pandemic Crisis.

27 April, 2021
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The Migration Directorate  opened a Workshop 芦Border Inhabitant Card Pilot Design禄  with the integration and development of panels supported by: Ministry of the Interior and Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Army, Cesfront, Director of Border Development, Executive Secretary of the Commission Bilateral Dominican Haitian, Border Development Strategy, Migration Institute and the chief of mission (IOM) Josue Gasterbondo, from April 23 to 25, in Dajab贸n province.

The border inhabitant card is a permit that is issued to all foreign citizens residing in the border area and who enter the country for a period of time during the day without the intention of settling in it, with the aim of entering the area of 鈥嬧媡he border province on a temporary basis. This pilot project that will allow the border inhabitant who carries out small businesses or daily commercial activities, for their survival, to be able to enter and exit correctly to the areas that are approved by the pilot, which also establishes the requirements and compliance for their application, intended to start at one of the border gates as established in the framework of the general migration law 285-04 and its application regulation NO. 631-11.

As part of the goals of the institutional strategic plan for the modernization and strengthening of border migration.聽Among the works carried out are the construction of team solutions for the design of the plan, determining the scope and the project and diagnosis of the border provinces after the draft of the minutes for this project.

By: Communications Department.