They recognize Migration as a public institution that has promoted the training and education of civil servants

28 February, 2024
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Santo Domingo, RD.- The General Directorate of Migration (DGM), was exalted by resolution, by the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), along with other government institutions that managed to implement training and training programs for public service to achieve an exemplary career, through Resolution number 001-2024, within the framework of compliance with Law 41-08 on Public Function.

When presenting the distinction, the deputy director of INAP, Sonia L贸pez P茅rez, highlighted that the General Directorate of Migration receives said recognition, due to the high ranking obtained in subindicator 8.1 of the Training Plan of the Public Administration Monitoring System Sismap- Public Management, and good practices in promoting skills among public servants.

This provision establishes that institutions are recognized for serving the State with devotion, honesty and suitability in an extensive manner, creating and promoting in their competencies a trajectory, actions and example of service.

The general director of Migration, Venancio Alc谩ntara, assured that the current management he directs has been committed since its inception, together with the departmental directors and other public servants, to achieve a positive institutional transformation, where public servants acquire more and more knowledge. and necessary preparation, in order to be able to provide quality and efficient service to citizens.

He also specified that Immigration Interdiction agents are constantly oriented on the behavior and actions they must carry out, to avoid excessive force, abuse of power or actions contrary to the law, as well as the rest. of the staff, who routinely receive talks and workshops on professional ethics and good service.

He assured that “it is the interest of the Dominican State to achieve professionalization and development of capabilities in all public servants of our institution, which is why we have been concerned since our inception to have qualified and well-trained personnel, aligned with law 285-04 that governs immigration policies in the country,” said Alc谩ntara.

The recognition was granted within the framework of Law 302, which declares January 25 of each year “Public Servant Day” and the National Development Strategy of the Dominican Republic, which has the general objective of achieving an efficient Public Administration. transparent and oriented to good results for the benefit of society and national and local development.

By Communications Department.