Using air, land and sea: Migration reports in August increased entry and exit of travelers to the country.

23 October, 2019
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Using聽聽air, land and sea: Migration reports in August increased聽聽聽entry and exit of travelers to the country

SANTO DOMINGO.- The General Directorate of Migration reported an increase in the entry and exit of passengers during the month of August 2019, registering an increase in the entry of some 29,720 passengers and 95,653 passengers at the exit, through the airways , sea and land.

According to a report from the General Directorate of Migration (DGM), during the month of August 697,363 passengers entered the country and left 748,844, using the airports Punta Cana, Las Am茅ricas, Cibao  in Santiago, Gregorio Luper贸n in Puerto Plata, La Romana , El Catey in Saman谩, Joaqu铆n Balaguer in Santo Domingo and Mar铆a Mont茅s in Barahona, as well as the border points of Dajab贸n, El铆as Pi帽a and Pedernales.

The information indicates that during the month of August the Punta Cana airport registered the highest migratory flow through which 266,656 passengers entered and 286,555 left. The Americas followed where 186,647 entered and 201,198 travelers left the territory.

While through the Cibao airport, 86,253 entered and 110,392 left, and through Gregorio Luper贸n, 25,019 entered the national territory and 27,996 left. The entrance of 15,769 and the departure of 15,981 passengers were recorded through La Romana. The migratory flow through the land border was 24,297 entries and 20,511 exits. While by sea, 81,494 passengers entered and 83,924 left.

The greatest flow of passengers by sea was registered by the Maim贸n Tourist Port with 65,493 entries and 65,456 departures; while 6,590 entered through Puerto Don Diego and 9,080 left and 4,390 entered through the Marina de Casa de Campo and 4,424 passengers left.

According to the report, 7,218 foreigners with irregular status were deported in August, who were arrested during migratory interdiction operations in different provinces.

The DGM statistical report also includes the voluntary return of 98 foreigners and the receipt of 214 Dominicans repatriated after serving a sentence for committing different crimes in 17 countries.

Similarly, the institution’s report informs the issuance of 3,009 residences of different categories to foreigners from 66 countries during the month of August and reveals the non-admission of 3,105 foreigners who met the requirements established in Law 285-04 to enter the Dominican territory


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