Venancio Alcántara describes the process as “a celebration of democracy” of internal elections carried out by the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) this Sunday

5 October, 2023
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October 1st

Santo Domingo, DR. – After describing as “a celebration of democracy” the
internal election process carried out this Sunday by the Party
Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the leader of that political organization,
Venancio Alcántara, reiterated the call to the Perremeista militancy to
come to vote en masse and in order, as a sign of civility and maturity
He urged that no Perremeista stay at home and go out to exercise their right to
vote, thus contributing to strengthening the party and granting victory in primaries that
as he stated, President Luis Abinader will obtain, whom he said that the majority
of the Dominican people is demanding four more years at the head of the government.
Alcántara, indicated “today that the PRM is celebrating, this is the party of
democracy in the Dominican Republic, we Perremeistas are going to
vote massively at the polls because we understand that we must stay in
power, and for that reason, no perremeista will remain in his house until he
conclude this very important process for our party,” he said.
In this sense, he assured that the PRM primaries are being developed with total
normality “I believe that there has not been any process so transparent, organized
and disciplined like the one we are living today, all of us perremeistas are
in the streets without differences and without contradictions” said Alcántara, which according to
He explained, it demonstrates the capacity and political maturity of the PRM.
These and other statements were issued at a time when he was supervising several
voting centers, as Manager and Supervisor of the Constituency

2 of the National District, where he reported that he has visited the 18 Centers of

Voting in that district, in which you have contacted that they are operating with
normality, harmony, good attendance and a lot of enthusiasm “We are voting
without difference, we are all one, respecting the solemnity of the process, the
teams that are most evident, apart from the President of the Republic, are the
councilors who are acting positively and marking No.1, which is the
guarantee of power” he concluded. Venancio Alcántara