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Service description

3.2/5 - (4 votes)

Change of immigration status to Definitive Resident (RD-1). It is an extension of the residence permit, for an additional ten (10) years.

To whom this service is intended

Foreigner with Permanent Residence who has resided continuously in the Dominican Republic, for a period of ten (10) years or more.


Immigration Department / Renewal Unit.

Contact Info

Dirección: Autopista 30 de Mayo, Esquina Héroes De Luperon, Santo Domingo República Dominicana
Teléfono: 809-508-2555 Ext. 2043


• Passport valid for a minimum of (18) months. According to the application regulation 631-11.
• Original Permanent Residence Card.
• Personal Identity Card, only for verification.
• Two (2) recent photographs, front, size 2×2, without jewelry or accessories, bare ears, with the white background.
• Certification of No Criminal Record, issued by the Attorney General’s Office.

Procedure to follow

1- Enter the DGM service portal. (

2- Register your username and password in the system. (If you have previously registered, enter your previous username and password).

3- Service Selection:

3.1- Choose the “APPLICATION LIST” option.
3.2- In the “AVAILABLE SERVICES” option, select the LOCATION-OFFICE where you will receive the service.
3.3- From the “LIST OF SERVICES”, choose the service you will request.
3.4- Complete all the information required in the “INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR APPLICANT”.

4- The scanned documents must be in JPG format for the application via web.


Hours of service

M-F | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Definitive Residence Application – RD$ 28,000.00
Arrears of Permanent Residence – RD$ 1,000.00

Processing time

Thirty (30) working days

Service channel

Online: Application and tax payments.
Face-to-face: Delivery of the card.

Additional information

URL to process the service:

Note: The absence of the ID or the Resident Card must be supported by a complaint made before the National Police, with the specifications of the place.