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It is the certification issued to record the immigration history of a person in a given period. It is issued for Consular, Customs, Judicial, Naturalization and Whomever may be of interest.

To whom this service is intended

Dominican and foreign nationals.



Contact Info

Dirección: Autopista 30 de Mayo, Esquina Héroes De Luperon, Santo Domingo República Dominicana
Teléfono: 809-508-2555 Ext.2071


1. Letter of reasoned request.
(You must specify the period for which you are interested in certifying the entry and exit migratory movements).

a) You can authorize a third person to make the request, by means of a power of attorney duly legalized and certified in the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.
b) If you are outside the country, you must send an original Consular Power of Attorney which must be apostilled at the Foreign Ministry, attaching copies of the identity cards of the witnesses and Attorney-in-fact.

2. Copy of identity card or any identity document of the applicant and attorney-in-fact.

3. Passport of the applicant and a copy of the one where the biometric data of the person are found. (You must have the passport, coincide with the period requested in the certification).

4. In case of loss of passport, the interested party must deposit a certificate of loss of the passport issued by the national police and a certification from the General Directorate of Passport stating the passport number of whom the certification is requested.

5. In all cases, the request must come from the interested person or the person with Power of Attorney and special authorization duly notarized and legalized at the Attorney General’s Office.


a) Instance of reasoned request explaining the filiation of the applicant (son, wife (or), attorney (a), etc.). As well as the reasons why it is requested and for what purposes.
b) Original birth certificate of the person requesting in order to establish the parentage and the quality to request the certification in the name of the deceased. (duly legalized if applicable).
c) Copy of the applicant’s identity card.
d) Death certificate of the person requesting the original legalized certification, in case of having died abroad, it must be apostilled and translated into Spanish by an authorized judicial interpreter.
e) Certificate of determination of heirs where the children of the deceased and who or who have the quality to request said Certification are recorded.
f) In the event that there is more than one child, the applicant must provide a power of attorney or authorization where his siblings authorize him to request the duly legalized Migration Movement Certification.
g) In case of being married at the time of death, the surviving wife must also authorize the applicant.

The issuance of the Migration Movement Certification for these cases is subject to the approval of the Legal Directorate of the General Directorate of Migration.

Procedure to follow

• The user must complete the application form at the Dirección General de Migración (DGM), at the Department of Certifications located at the Plaza Malecón Center and provide the copy of the passport used during the period required for the history.

• If the applicant is a third party, they must provide a duly notarized power of attorney or consular authority that authorizes them to manage the service before the DGM.

• In the case of minors, the certification must be requested by one or both parents, presenting only the birth certificate of the duly legalized minor.

Hours of service

M-F, 8:00 am- 4:00 pm



Processing time

fifteen (15) working days.

Service channel

In person: The request is made, the document is deposited, the document is withdrawn and the fee is paid.

Additional information

The payment of the cost of the service is paid through the payment for services in the Banco de Reservas de la Republica Dominicana under code # 085), whose receipt must be deposited in the General Directorate of Migration in the Certification Department located in the Plaza Malecón Center.