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Service description

Dominican Residence for a period of one year for foreign pensioners or retirees. Temporary residence card gray, valid for one year.

To whom this service is intended

foreign pensioners or retirees


Foreign Investment Division

Contact Info

Dirección: Autopista 30 de Mayo, Esquina Héroes De Luperon, Santo Domingo República Dominicana
Teléfono: +1 (809) 508 2555


1- residence application form for investment: this will be completed on our DGM services portal.

2-copy of the complete passport with a minimum validity of one (1) year.

2.1 . in the event that the name that the foreigner has registered in the passport is different from that of his birth certificate, he must deposit the document that legally guarantees the change, either the marriage certificate if he has added the last name of the husband, the certificate of divorce if you do not want to appear with the husband’s last name, the adoption certificate, among others, that must be apostilled.

3- valid residence visa (RS), issued at the Dominican consulate of your country of origin or residence.

4- original payment receipt for the medical exam service


1- original passport

2- 2 copies at stake of the passport information sheet, the residence visa, the last entry stamped in the passport and the birth certificate.

– medical examinations of institutions not authorized by DGM are not admitted.

5- original birth certificate duly apostilled or legalized, as appropriate.

5.1. In the event that the foreigner has acquired a nationality other than his nationality of origin, and wishes to become a resident with this acquired nationality, he must deposit a copy of the naturalization certified by the department of naturalizations that issued it, apostilled.

5.2. in the case of a change of name, the foreigner must deposit the act authorizing the change of name, apostilled.

5.3 . in the case of nationals of countries where only one original document of the birth certificate is issued, a copy of it will be accepted, duly certified and translated into Spanish if necessary, legalized at the corresponding Dominican consulate or at the headquarters in the Dominican Republic of the consulate of origin of the applicant or the official entity authorized and legalized in the chancellery.

6- certificate of no criminal record , issued by the competent authority of the country (in the case of countries with federal regimes must be issued by the federal authority) where they have resided in the last five (5) years, duly legalized or apostilled, as appropriate .

6.1. If this country is different from your country of origin, you must endorse this certification with a personal identity document of the country where you declare to have resided for the past 5 years.

7- four (4) photographs, two (2) of front and two (2) of right profile, size ¨2 × 2 ”.

8- certification of the government, official agency or private company of foreign origin, where he provided his services, duly translated into Spanish by a judicial interpreter, with the apostille seal or legalized by the Dominican consulate of the country of origin of the document, depending on the case. This certification must contain the general data of the applicant, time spent in the company, position held and the amount received as a pension, and the confirmation of this body that is economically able to rotate the amount for a period never less than five years.

8.1. The pension must be for a minimum amount of US $ 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred dollars) per month or its equivalent in Dominican pesos. likewise, for each direct dependent included in the application an additional amount of US $ 250.00 (two hundred and fifty dollars). In none of the cases do income earned by wages apply .

9-Guarantee policy contracted with an insurance company authorized by the DGM. You can contact Seguros Reservas, S.A. by CLICKING HERE

This policy must also include dependents, spouses and children. 

10- bank letter, stating that you have a bank account in a Dominican bank.

11-any other document that under the fine part of article 6 of the law no. 171-07 , on special incentives for pensioners and rentiers from foreign sources, administratively require the window of foreign investment of the department of foreigners of the General Directorate of Migration, tending to ensure to the Dominican state the reliable character of the alleged quality.


1- If the request includes the spouse must be made jointly with that of your husband, as a dependent, you must deposit the following documents of the wife: marriage certificate, birth certificate both in original apostilled or legalized, as appropriate, copy of the complete passport , copy of the residence visa, certified criminal record apostilled or legalized and translated into Spanish, as appropriate.

2- If the application includes the minor children: you must deposit the following birth certificate documents in an apostilled or legalized original, as appropriate, a copy of the complete passport, a copy of the residence visa, certification of an apostilled or legalized criminal record and translated into Spanish, as appropriate. In the case of children under sixteen (16) years , the criminal record requirement is not required. In the case of children over 18 years of age of the beneficiary, they may only be included if they are financially dependent on the beneficiary of the program for reasons of study or disability.

3 – must include additional a repatriation policy , as provided in article 57 paragraph 16, of regulation no. 631-11 for application of law 285-04, on migration.

Procedure to follow

1. enter the dgm service portal. ( )

1.1. register in the system (if you are registered, enter your username and password)

1.2. Choose the “application list” option, from the list of available services, choose the one you requested, and complete the required information on the forms.

1.3. the system will notify you about the status of your request

2- the scanned documents must be in .jpg format for the application via web.

3- the applicant has thirty (30) days to deposit all the original documents after having entered Dominican territory, otherwise, he must pay a penalty (see stay payment table).

4- present to the DGM with the original documentation plus a complete set of copies.

5- All documents in another language must be translated into Spanish, by the Dominican consulate in the country of origin of the applicant or by a judicial interpreter in the Dom.

6- At the end of the deposit of the required documentation, the authorization to carry out the medical examination and the approval of the payment of the services, the “document receipt form” for the withdrawal of the requested temporary residence will be delivered to the applicant, in case of being approved.

7- the medical examination must be carried out within three days after payment ( including the day of payment ), otherwise you must make the payment again. you must wait ten days to know the results of them.

8- all documents deposited in the DGM must be original and must be duly notarized, legalized and apostilled as appropriate.

Hours of service

M-F | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Issuance of residence card and proof of ID – RD $ 22,000.00

Processing time

45 working days

Service channel

Online: Making requests and taxes payment

Face-to-face: Deposit and withdrawal of documents, and tax payments

Additional information

URL to process the service:




MEDICAL EXAMS – RD $ 4,500.00

TOTAL – RD $ 29,000.00