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Service description

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Foreigner with a Temporary Work Residence card, expired or due to expire within thirty (30) days before the expiration date.

To whom this service is intended

Foreigner who enters the country for work purposes according to a Work Contract.


Immigration Department / Renewal Unit.

Contact Info

Dirección: Autopista 30 de Mayo, Esquina Héroes De Luperon, Santo Domingo República Dominicana
Teléfono: 809-508-2555 Ext. 2043


• Letter of application for the Renewal of the Temporary Work Residence addressed to the DGM.
• Letter or Labor Certification.
• Passport valid for a minimum of (18) months. According to the application regulation 631-11.
• Temporary Work Residence Card, original.
• Four (4) recent photographs, of the same set: two (2) of front and two (2) of right profile, size 2×2, without jewels or accessories and bare ears, with the white background.
• Certification of No Criminal Record, issued by the Attorney General’s Office.
• Guarantee policy contracted with Seguros Reservas. CLICK HERE

Procedure to follow

1- Enter the DGM service portal. (

2- Register your username and password in the system. (If you have previously registered, enter your previous username and password).

3- Servie Selection:

3.1- Choose the “APPLICATION LIST” option.
3.2- In the “AVAILABLE SERVICES” option, select the LOCATION-OFFICE where you will receive the service.
3.3- From the “LIST OF SERVICES”, choose the service you will request.
3.4- Complete all the information required in the “INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR APPLICANT”.

4- The scanned documents must be in JPG format for the application via web.

5- The medical examination must be carried out within three (3) days after payment (including the day of payment), otherwise you must make the payment again. You must wait (10) ten days to know their results.

6- All documents deposited in the DGM must be original and must be notarized, legalized and apostilled, as appropriate.

Horario de presentación

Hours of service

M-F | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


File deposit – RD$ 14,000.00

Adult medical examination (over 10 years old) – RD$6,300.00

Medical examination for children (under 10 years old) – RD$4,200.00

Extension for file deposit – RD$7,000.00

Stay payment – ​​according to stay payment table

Expired visa penalty payment – ​​according to the expired visa penalty payment table

Tiempo de realización

Processing time

Ninety (90) calendar days
Canal de presentación

Service channel

Online: Application and taxes payment.

Face-to-face: Card delivery.

Additional information

URL to process the service:

I- For this type of residence, a Personal Identity Card is not issued.
II- Deposit the original documents in an 8½ x 11 folder.